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Don’t be left out!

Starting at only $250 for a standard listing, getting on the Map is the absolutely lowest cost, yet highest value money you can spend on your business!

If you think about it, name one business expense that costs less than $21 a month! That’s the cost of only 4 Starbucks or lunch for two! And it gets seen by 200,000+ targeted potential customers who are already looking for services and places in the valley.

With Ads starting at only $750 (listing included), no other Valley advertising medium has such a high use, circulation and shelf life for the price. The value is significant while the cost outlay is significantly less than any other option (most start at about $1500).

Digital Advertising gets people to the Valley, but once they are here, they pick up the Maps!

The Maps Are Useful in a Way Digital Can’t Be

Concierges even use the map to show guests where places are located that are not listed on the maps because it is easy to read and easy to understand.

They can’t do that with a digital app or website! The Resort App has very mixed reviews due to the map in-app not working well, and there is a large demographic that visits the valley that does not prefer Apps or Digital.

Plus GPS is rarely accurate enough at the level of individual shops (and even buildings) in the villages of Vail and Beaver Creek and towns of Avon and Edwards.


Vail & Lionshead Information Booths

Vail Information Booth
“I think any business is crazy not to be on this [The Vail Walking] map. The Town of Vail map is great for the bus routes—but when I want to show people where restaurants and businesses are, I use The Vail Walking Map. I give everyone The Vail Walking Map.”

Lionshead Information Booth
“I can’t work without The Vail Walking Map. I refuse to work without those.”


Garfinkels Restaurant

“It’s my best marketing tool. We put codes on our coupons in different medias so we can see what comes back the most. For us the Vail Walking Map is 10 to 1. Vail is hard to find places in so the map is what people grab first.”

Preferred by the Info Booths and Concierges

Despite the digital revolution, the maps are still the preferred medium due to the fact that they are easy to read, easy to see where places are and to find places, and they don’t require a cell phone, much less a signal.

Proven “Too Effective”! The owner of Garfinkels has been on the maps almost since year one and removed his 15% off coupon from his ad because it was so popular he felt like he was giving away too much business!

We’re working hard to bring you an awesome website for the maps.

It’s hard to believe, but for nearly 30 years, the Vail Walking Map has been helping tourists and locals find businesses, yet we’ve never done anything with the internet or technology!


Give us a call at 970-331-0623 or send us an email with the contact form below. If you reach out to us, we’ll even give you a 15% discount for saving us time and effort.

Download Our Rate & Info Sheet

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